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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  August 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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the high mark of 80 degree mark. we're sizzling in the 80s here in some parts here and not much help from the breeze. if you're heading out, the temperatures will slide back through the 70s into the 60s by the midnight hour. we'll have a cool start to the day tomorrow and once again we'll heat storm chances are on the horizon here. >> thanks a lot and we'll see you soon. right now the 15th annual burning river festival is getting underway and it demonstrates where cleveland's been and where it's going. >> reporter: well the think the first place is the name of the
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that out, the river caught fire in 1969. we fast forward and so much has changed and so has the lake and the city. >> brown stream that leads tolake eerie. >> the rivers today and the place to be on the lake in the summer afternoon. the festival has been going strong for 15 years and the increasing popularity here -- [ music ] -- is changing and rising in cleveland. >> it's gorgeous and it's like, holy cow, the lake is blue. >> lebron james and the cavs
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lake, ending the championship drought. >> bringing more people down here. >> reporter: plus the first time a world a class art festival was held. it boasts the best theater in the country, if you don't count new york. the theaters were brought back to life and they're still going strong, just of a renaissance. and you can probably hear the music behind me, they're really having a wonderful time out here. the festival just began and you can still get tickets, they're only $15 and it started at 6:00 p.m. and the same hours tomorrow if you're trying to make it down here, you'll have to keep it in mind here, get down here at 6:00 p.m.. in terms of 7:00, we have
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look back from 1969, what really was going on with all the pollution. we'll have that coming up here at 7:00 p.m. tonight. >> all right, we'll see you then. the clinton campaign will make another pitch in cleveland next week when biden comes into town. the race for the getting rougher. clinton and trump exchanged more jabs today. clinton accused him of taking hate groups and trump calling her a bigot. now to a third party candidate with gary johnson andwhat kind of impact he could
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disenchanted here and it's been 30 years since the independents got to vote, back when ross perot ran. >> trump or clinton, both with lots of baggage many don't like or >> they appeared to be bruised bananas. >> if i had a choice i would. >> the former governor johnson says he's that choice. >> you know how crazy that is, i'm going to be the next president of the united states. >> liberal on social issues like marijuana and finances and
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>> no name calling or sleeking -- and they can find some sanity. >> he will run as an independent. clinton 39% and johnson 10%. >> when you include into that, clinton's lead over trump shrinks. >> he must make 15% in the polls to make the debates. >> well, it wouldn't look at this point to look at someone else. >> johnson is fighting to get that chance. >> he was a republican governor in new mexico.
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another choice here. >> well, let me ask you, will we so him campaign here? >> well i wouldn't bet on it. his focus is the non-swing states here, and how much money he'll have and he'll probably advertise on cable televisions and the resources he has. so but definitely worth taking a look. one week from today, a strike may take place. the teachers haven't had a contract since april and the biggest issue now is how the teachers are evaluated and they believe too much em pa sis --
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one local school will forfeit its school tomorrow. lake cap's principal said that several football players were issued a one game suspension after an episode of hazing at camp. drug overdoses and 28 in just 24 hours. a man is accused of causing them. he will face west virginia. new tonight the drug administration wants all blooddonations to be tested for zika. they have been tested in some areas like florida. the centers for disease control and prevention reported their first case with the symptoms
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non-sexual partner. millions of cicadas are being blamed for a backyard nuisance here. they rely on food here and that includes something that nibbles on us as to what might be biting you. >> reporter: we're blessed here with lots of there's things that can turn our visits outside to failure. one thing is raining misery for a few months now. >> there's thousands upon thousands of mi tes here, they can leave a mark here. >> they may cause a rash if you are allergic to it, but for the most part they're falling to
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and they're having a banner year because of these guys, the 17-year cicada, they eat their offspring too. >> where there's an abundance of food, there's a lot of bugs. >> don't itch over scratch if you can and just put the special lotion on it and the next day you'll be fine. >> reporter: the good they won't be around soon. >> once it turns winter they die off. >> reporter: winter can't come here fast enough. take a look at this, a corn maze fit for a king. lelebron james tweeted this
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it's lebron tweeting here, we're a fan of you guys, thanks for the support. still to come here tonight, if you are looking to take your talents to "america's got talent" we'll show you how you can set yourself apart. how an abused dog got a second chance here, coming up. let's pictures you sent in, we're after a
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coming up this evening, the fans of the christmas house is
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a prize to the line. plus, this rap video is inspiring people across the country. that's at
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[ music ] ? you don't know my name ?? i don't say what's wrong >> calling all singers like grace there. we are holding the auditions here in the state and what it takes to get through the casting call. >> you have to got to walk in the room like you own it, like you're walking on to that massive stage. that stage will swallow you and
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of the producers and the judges and you have to be the super star that we want you to be. >> own it right? >> right. >> that open casting call is on december 10th and how to register, the details on now to the story that has hundreds of people posting your dogs pictures up here. yes, it's national dog day. a haiti here. it's not about just aboutspoiling them but helping them find their forever home. >> reporter: jill here found about her dog online. >> i saw her breed is pinterest one day and thought she was
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to finding the dog through adoption, not a breeder. only about 1.5 million dogs are adopted each year and eventually she went to virginia and met and fell in love with a 1-year-old dog. >> she's very loving and loyal. >> reporter: the pup was spending time with a foster family after being an abusive home. she's now making progress with her new forever family. >> she's coming out of her shell and becoming more confident andbecoming such a happy dog and it's just awesome. >> reporter: they're not the only success stories here, check out ivy, she's adopted and now lives in the west park with her happy owner. also meet bailey and daisy, you
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adoption success stories at >> amy, thank you very much. a beautiful day for national dog day. >> get out with the pooch and make sure that everyone has water. it has been toasty today and akron and manning here in 79 -- keeping the calendar and up to date here, e' orange here. the current average temperature is 78.1 degrees and that's all the highs and the lows together. that includes today and yesterday. so, the warmest august on record is back in 1947 at 77.8 and we're still sitting in the warmest august on record as of right now. we'll see how the rest of the month goes but so far it's
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as far as if 90s, we have averaged over 24 and we may see 25 tomorrow. the temps are down northeasterly charleston and the cooler air to the north will be shoved back to the north. we have been in a little bit of a reprieve today. the showers and storms are off to the west here and the reason they haven't been able to move our way is a nice area pressure that's providing us with a northwest breeze here. here's the thing, all this moisture is going win out and that means tomorrow, here comes that front. here comes the warm air and then the thunderstorms chances. by 9:30 we'll have a few clouds
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the day tomorrow. it's going to be great to get out early and get out to the festivities here and we'll have mostly sunny skies in to the morning but the term temperatureses rise up to the 80s and 90s here -- temperatures, -- then we keep an thunderstorms here. looks like tomorrow evening we could have a line of storms here. then after that, we are looking at smooth sailing here. on sunday, we start off humid and warm. by the afternoon, it's that pop
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no rhyme or reason to that one. keep an eye out for the showers on sunday. we'll be up to 90 tomorrow and the thunderstorm chances come through late and keep an eye on the radar. upper 80s on sunday and then cool down to start next week, and then right now we'll get back to more average temperatures by thursday and friday. by that time it's september and we already have august up. coming up the browns are on the road tonight in tampa bay for the third preseason game and we have
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?? it feels good to own something. like karaoke night.
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at summa health, we're empowering you to be your own chief health officer. beginning with a primary care doctor, coordinating a team of specialists. so own your health like you'd own the dance floor. call 800.23.summa or visit to schedule an appointment today. it's your heath.
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dave is here. >> looking forward to september 11th when we do it for real and this is the here. game number three tonight in tampa bay and the browns versus the buccaneers. josh gordon is on the field tonight and we continue to talk the trade rumors to him. the asking price was a second- round pick and more for the
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they are not looking to replace him. finally, finally we get to see cory coleman and disappointed we haven't seen him yet. we will see him tonight andcoming back from the hamstring injury. he wants to compete at a high- level and get the right assignment. >> we have a lot of potential here and a lot of work to keep going. i think really, something special too. so many guys can do different things and i'm excited to see where we've going. >> gordon will make the third start here and it didn't go well last week with the packers. look for him to probably play a half tonight.
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the key is, will this guy be able to play through the season and not get injured. >> well, i just think you know, going to game and -- it's their house and their field and not allowing anyone to get seriously injured. so we have to go out and on win it. the cowboy's owner here and he's not pleased running back here. he was caught on camera here in a marijuana dispensary hours before he made his debut. marijuana is banned on the substance list. he wasn't seen making a purchase so this is mostly about being a bad look here. he's also under investigation for a domestic violence incident.
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loss this game. the last night the rangers handed it to the indians. they haven't won since july and their offense continues to slump here. they were shut out and the indians have lost three straight games and 1-4 and 7-13 on the road since july first. if you want one guy to the hill you a.j. griffin is going for the first- pitch here at 8:05. here's the highlights to come from the last night's game. don't miss game changers and we share the stories of the high school seniors here. we met a senior from glenville and two years in the country
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here and a 4.7g.p.a. last year and it's going to be tough to top that. >> an overachiever her.
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tonight, nbc news exclusive. for the first time, donald trump's doctor speaks out about his letter declaring trump to be the healthiest person ever elected president. why he tells us it was written in just five minutes, what we know about trs tropical threat moving in, major flood warnings in florida and new concerns along the gulf coast. zika blood fears, a new recommendation from the fda saying that all blood should be screeninged for the virus. who would kill two women who dedicated their lives to helping others. snoring solutions?


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